How to Prepare For Your First Time Away From Baby

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My husband and I recently spent our first night away from baby daughter, and let me tell you…it was wonderful! However, it did take some preparation for me to feel comfortable with this milestone! Up to this point, my husband has spent a few nights away but I have never stayed a night away from her. I am aware that some people leave their kiddos far earlier than when we left Millie (she’s 17 months old), but like with anything in parenting, take the step when YOU feel comfortable.

I love being there for bath time, and book reading and I love being the last person she sees when she goes to sleep; but with another baby on the way, I know that getting her familiar with someone other than mom and dad putting her to sleep at night is important. So, if you're preparing to leave your baby for the first time, check out my pointers to help you and your kiddo feel more comfortable with this big step in parenting.

Stay Close to Home

To ease my nerves about leaving my Millie girl for the first time, we decided to have a staycation at a lovely winery about 15 minutes outside of town. Staying close gave me peace of mind knowing we could be home in 15 minutes but it was great balance because it still felt like a treat to go stay somewhere else.

Have the Sitter Come to You

If you’re lucky enough to have Nana and Papaw close, be sure you take advantage of this incredible blessing for your first overnight away! Thankfully my parents only live 45 minutes from us, so the commute to watch Millie for the first time away is no big deal.

For our first night away, I opted to have my parents come stay at our house instead of Millie stay at theirs. This made it easier to leave knowing that everything my parents would need was at our house, and that although mommy and daddy weren’t there, everything else was familiar.

Communicate Expectations

First off, if your child has a specific routine they are used to for bedtime be sure to communicate that effectively to the person watching your baby. This will not only instill confidence in the person watching your baby, but it will make leaving easier. Amelia definitely likes things done a certain way, especially when it comes to bedtime. From her Baja Baby Creamsicle Bubble Bath, to brushing teeth and being lathered in Baja Baby Lavender Lotion, this girl is quite particular about her bedtime routine.

Because I know this about my first born, I wanted to make sure I communicated the details appropriately so everyone would have a successful evening. Long story short, I typed up a time line of when we start dinner and bath time and the essential items in between. This may seem overbearing to some of you, but it really helped me leave knowing that my parents were fully prepared and understood the expectations.

Also, make sure to communicate your wishes on knowing what is happening. I simply asked my mom to send me a text when Millie was asleep so I could know bedtime was a success for this first time away.

Ditch the Guilt

I know this can be easier said than done, but really try and give yourself permission to let go for an evening. Spending time away can give you a chance to sleep, shop or just catch up on your favorite TV show, either way you need to ditch the guilt you may experience by leaving your child and allow yourself to enjoy some much-needed time away.

Try to Relax

Most importantly, know that your first time away from baby is supposed to be relaxing! Parenting is hard work, so make sure you give yourself permission to relax and enjoy your freedom. Whether you’re taking a solo trip, girls trip or a romantic getaway, make sure you do some preparation on the front end so you can relax while you’re away!

If you are getting ready to leave your baby for the first time, good for you! This is a huge milestone, so give yourself permission to do the prep work in the beginning if it makes you feel more comfortable. I hope my simple tips help you feel more confident and allow you to truly enjoy your time away because you deserve it!


Abby is a Mom and an amazing team member of Baja Baby. She lives in Colorado with her husband Alex, their beautiful daughter Amelia Grace, baby boy Amos Lee and Maple the dog. You can find Abby on Instagram by clicking here.

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