Is there anything better than the support of someone truly in your corner?


From the moment our friendship began in 2009, Kelly and I were besties. It was an immediate bond. Instinctual love and respect for one another that became the foundation of our friendship.

We’ve bounced ideas off of one another... and even bounced a couple of our own Baja babies on our knees.
We’ve shared tears of grief and tears of joy.

We’ve watched kids grow and graduate.

But most importantly? We’ve built a friendship based on enduring support and honesty.

I want the best for Kelly, and she wants the best for me.


In 2014 we broadened our circle to include you.

We created Baja Baby to provide the best for other moms.

Today, Baja Baby products rank as one of the safest all-around skin and health care product lines on the market. Our products are 100% natural. In fact, they’re so organic that they’re alive and can even be stored in the fridge (Just like the foods you consume).


 Six years later, my best friend Kelly and I are still running the show. There’s no external leadership demanding that we skimp on cost or ingredients. We’re committed to never adding harmful chemicals to our blends.

 Just as our friendship is rooted in honesty and trust, integrity and compassion -- so is our commitment to you.

We might not be able to bottle our friendship, but we have bottled a line of products that you can count on. 

If we can figure out how to bottle a hug, we’ll do that next.

Best to you,

Jen & Kelly