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Heavy on quality and easy on the eyes should our organic baby products ever get in them - Baja Baby does the right thing in every possible way. Our "family first" company culture ensures babies and parents alike receive the best customer care, a guarantee on quality and the peace of mind to know that we use only ethically sourced, organic or natural ingredients in our organic baby products.

Baja Baby has proudly chosen the safest, purest & most luxurious ingredients because, let's face it, you can’t put a price tag on doing what’s best for your children. We have replaced chemical preservatives with live enzymes because it’s the best thing on the market today to prevent microbial growth.

We use certified organic essential oils on our organic baby products - sure we could go the cheap route and throw some budget-priced lavender in that smells kinda like lavender - but that’s about all it will do. Instead we used quality, therapeutic oils so your family can feel the benefits they offer, not just smell the aroma!

From cradle cap, to sensitive skin types, or even allergy-based conditions - Baja Baby delivers on all counts. Rest assured that our gentle organic baby shampoos, will cleanse and soothe the most delicate of heads. Our soothing body lotions are a salve for baby or adult skin alike.

What sets Baja Baby apart in our industry is that we make our organic products in small batches; just like craft beer (and what parent can’t use a beer every now and again!). We are committed to positive change in our industry; we are committed to safe organic ingredients; we want our products to evolve and grow just like our children. When you buy Baja Baby organic baby products, think of it as an investment in the skin of your children.

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