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With a new year comes new opportunity to reflect on why we choose to make things a priority, how we can be the best version of ourselves and how we can learn from one another. This is why I blog.

Honestly, blogging takes a lot of effort. I have to create content and write it in a way that is relatable to someone I have never met. On top of that, I have to hope that what I am sharing offers advice, peace of mind or some sort of encouragement. This is a lot of pressure!

I choose to write about what I am going through. This mainly boils down to my motherhood journey, and really my whole life. My marriage, my children, my insecurities, my household, my dreams. Everything.

I blog to SHARE

We get to choose who we share our life with, and I choose to share this part of my life with you. In no way do I think I have it all figured out and I will be the first one to admit this. I have been blessed people in my life who offer wisdom, encouragement and a different perspective. My hope is that the nuggets of truth I have gained from these relationships offer a valuable perspective as you go through your own motherhood journey. I think we if all shared more about how we found success in our life, it would break down the walls of comparison and judgement.

I blog to be HONEST

Whether my words offer help or none at all, my goal in whatever I write about is to be honest. I write with the hope that another mama reading it will know she’s not alone. I write about content that I wish I could find (#reallife). I write with the hope that my words allow another mama to do a better job than me and to learn from my mistakes. I write with the intention of revealing the good, the bad and the everything that I go through in this journey.

I blog to LEARN

The hardest thing about motherhood is that no one has a manual. No child is the same and no marriage is the same, yet we all think we have it figured out. We are all trying to prove we can have it all…but spoiler alert, you can’t! And this is what I am learning. I have learned that you cannot be all things to all people. You absolutely cannot work full-time, be a full-time mom, have perfect kids, the perfect house, the perfect marriage and still be human, you just can’t, something will always give. I have learned that you must prioritize parts of your life and be okay with the outcome. I blog about why I choose to put my own “professional career” on hold during this season and make my marriage and kids the utmost priority.

I blog to VENT

Sometimes unloading on my husband at the end of the day isn’t the best option. The best of hubby’s want to “fix” our bad days which is wonderful, but in some situations, I just want to complain (can I get an amen!?) It’s like the words on a page allow for me to talk through my struggles in order to clear my mind and move forward. In a way, typing words onto a blank page has become a form of self-care and therapy for me.

Blogging may take a lot of effort and may push me outside of my comfort zone, but I know its worth it. It’s worth it because it allows me to celebrate the victories, reflect on the lows and challenge myself to be brave in my struggles.

As we walk into the new year I encourage you to be in the now. Allow yourself to be present in the good, strong in the bad and vulnerable when you need help. Maybe it’s blogging, maybe it's journaling, or maybe it's just finding a community, either way, get outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself!

Happy New Year Mama Bears!


Abby is a Mom to two little ones and an amazing team member of Baja Baby. She lives in Colorado with her husband Alex, their beautiful daughter Amelia Grace, baby boy Amos Lee and Maple the dog. You can find Abby on Instagram by clicking here.

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