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Like any parent, I want to make sure Millie has fun and stimulating toys appropriate for her age. Millie just turned 3 months old and it has been fun to see her grabbing and interacting with her toys. Ever since she was a newborn, I have tried to be intentional about reading to her and putting things in front of her that interest her. From contrasting colorful toys, to books, and toys of all textures, below are several of Millie’s favorite toys she loves to say hi to everyday.

  1. Sophie La Girafe- This sweet little giraffe stimulates all 5 sense for a baby. From the contrasting colors, to the 100% natural rubber that baby loves to chew on and the squeak that interacts with the baby, this toy is one of Millie’s favorites. Although this little toy is a whopping $25 bucks, it is worth every penny. Millie has loved looking at Sophie from day one, and is now loving to grab and chew on her face  and legs. Sophie the giraffe
  2. Appeteethers- These are hilarious! These silicon teething toys are BPA free and shaped like real food. Millie has the head of broccoli but there are so many other options. Millie loves this toy! Not only is it the perfect size for her to grab and hold to, but the color is vibrant and the texture of the toy feels good on her gums.Appeteethers
  3. Haba Toys- These are unique wooden toys from Germany. They are the perfect size for a baby to grab and offer a different material for a baby to chew on. I love this brand because there are all different types of toys for all ages. Millie loves her Buzz Buzz Rattle, and I love that they are unique toys that you can’t just go buy at  Walmart or target.Buzz Buzz Rattle
  4. Flip Fish - This fish is so much fun. Not only are the vibrant flaps filled with crinkle paper that babies love, but there is a squeaker in the top fin and soft chewable pieces on the tail. This fish was given to us as a gift and we are so thankful because Millie really loves this. She loves to run her hand across the flaps and listen to the crinkle sound. What I love about this fish is that it is fun for her as a 3-month-old, but will also entertain her as she gets older with the matching game of  sea animals under the flaps.Flip fish
  5. Books, Books Books!!- To be honest, I started reading to Millie right out of the womb. I knew that she couldn’t follow along or even really see the pages, but I wanted to start her love for reading from the get go! Millie loves to sit in our lap and look at the colorful pages and pictures as we read to her. Below are a few of the books Millie is currently loving and cooing at while we read!


It’s been amazing to watch Millie interact with her toys and it has been so fun to watch her love for books grow over the last couple months. I cannot wait to see what toys become her favorite as she grows and matures. I encourage you to start reading to your little ones if you aren’t already and give these toys a try if you’re looking for something fun and stimulating for your little one!



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