Earth Day 2020

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2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The purpose of Earth Day is to raise awareness about the destructive impact our actions as mankind have on our planet. And today I can think of no better thing to do than just that.

This year we are collectively honoring Earth Day while in quarantine. You may have noticed the news worldwide reports of clean skies and zero smog along the skylines of the big cities around the world.

Perhaps for the first time, city dwellers are getting to see their exposed skyline, sans pollution. The world's atmosphere is taking some time off while we are also forced to do the same. We are spending 24 hours a day with our little one while watching as more daily revelations unfold.

We have to have conversations with our children like never before. We try to explain what pandemics are and we tell them that collectively we must be united as we wait for this unprecedented storm to pass.

We mourn our life 'BC' (Before Coronavirus) as we grieve for fallen friends and family, for livelihoods, for our prior way of life. Simple things we took for granted are not the same. Our face masks cover the part of our faces that we use to communicate with.

I find myself forcing myself to smile as widely as I possibly can as I pass by strangers in the grocery store. If they notice the deepening of my eye crinkles, then I hope they will feel the warmth I want my smile to radiate through my masked face.

Here are a few simple things you can do today to support Earth Day with your children:

  1. Have a town hall meeting over dinner tonight to talk about our environment and how we can take care of it.
  2. Morning meditation to encourage mindfulness. Set a timer for 1-5 minutes and meditate together with your kids.
  3. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, get the kids out there in the mud to clean away the weeds or plant some new seedlings.
  4. Be mindful of your water usage throughout the day and night.
  5. Talk to other friends or family over FaceTime to get other ideas about what you can do as a family unit to reuse what you buy or create, reduce your waste or recycle things that you no longer need.
  6. If you go outdoors for a walk, bring a backpack or carrier bag with you and collect waste from the sidewalks or grounds in your area.
  7. Make a family pact between yourself and your kids that you will be more mindful of the protection of our beautiful planet.
  8. Stargaze - get an outdoor area prepared for the whole family and spend a glorious few minutes gazing up at the stars. 

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