5 Tips for Surviving Morning Sickness With a Toddler

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Sadly, there's no handbook that comes with a second pregnancy to explain how to handle morning sickness with a toddler. When I was pregnant for the first time, it was pure bliss. The excitement and newness that came with being pregnant for the first-time overshadowed morning sickness, nausea, and headaches that came with the first trimester.

But let me tell you, although the second time around is just as exciting, it is immensely more difficult and not quite as blissful. 

The second time around you don’t have the luxury of curling up in bed until nausea subsides, or taking a nap whenever you want because you’re tired. Oh no, now you have a little human who depends on you to make them food, play with them and change their smelly diapers.

No one warned me about how hard this would be…To assist you in surviving the first-trimester "blessings," check out my helpful tips that you won't find anywhere else! 

#1 Saltines and Cartoons

Until now, my first-born Millie hadn't watched any TV. And not to worry, it is still very minimal - 15 minutes max. However, this mama needs some help getting her bearings in the morning…so Daniel Tiger has become my new best friend. Our new morning routine has become milk (for Millie), ginger ale (for Mommy), saltines and cuddles on the couch (for both). This routine has become a major lifesaver.

I had to put aside my strictness with the TV for now and allow myself time to function and get something in my stomach before I start the day. So, if you’re anything like me and are against any kind of TV for your little one, give yourself a break and allow your little one to watch 10-15 minutes in the morning. This will help you ease yourself into the day and allow your body to digest some food, you’ll thank me for it later!morning sickness with a toddler

#2 Lay on the ground while your child plays

Between the exhaustion and nausea, I have found myself multiple times a day curling up on the floor and handing toys to Millie. She thinks nothing of it and has loved having mommy at her level to crawl over and lay on, but little does she know that I am doing this for my own survival!

Do yourself a favor and buy a baby gate or baby corral and lay in that contained area while your child plays. This is a lifesaver for many reasons; heaven forbid you accidentally fall asleep, at least you know your child is contained and everything is baby-proofed (I am speaking for experience people, oops!) Give yourself permission to lay on the floor and play with your child if it helps you manage the not so great first trimester symptoms.morning sickness with a toddler

#3 Vicks under the nose & mask for changing dirty diapers

My nose is the one thing that has been getting me in trouble this pregnancy. The slightest smell of something that doesn’t settle well in my stomach will automatically result in dry heaves and eventually a trip to the toilet. I can usually handle the grossness of toddler poops, but right now I just can’t.

So, to protect you from running to the toilet and to save you from the unwanted dry heaving…put a good glob of Vicks vapor rub under your nose and wrap any piece of accessible clothing around your nose like a mask to help alleviate any smelly penetration!

Change the diaper as fast as possible, hold your breath and think happy thoughts…Trust me on this one.morning sickness with a toddler 

#4 Scent-free whenever possible!

While we're on the topic of smelly smells, now's a great time to mention that you can change out any products that have scents if they happen to make your stomach churn. My sense of smell is either totally off or incredibly heightened right now and so it's a great time to look for unscented product options. 

Obviously Baja Baby products have an all-natural line of products that are completely fragrance-free that is PERFECT for all you Mama's suffering from smell sensitivity right now! 


I know that all of us moms roll our eyes when people say to “nap when the baby naps.” But please, PLEASE nap when your toddler naps! These days, I live for nap time more than anything else. A small cat nap can do wonders for you and help you survive the rest of the day until your partner gets home!

So please, don’t try and get more done while your kid sleeps and instead allow yourself a break and a chance to rest too, you can thank me later!morning sickness with a toddler

#6 Give Yourself A lot of Grace

This second pregnancy has pushed me to let go of a lot of things. I am having a hard enough time functioning at a normal level, that any extra energy I do have, I want to spend being intentional with my Millie girl and NOT cleaning, doing laundry or getting a work out in. My mom has always told me that dishes and clothes will always be there, so spend time where it matters! I have started to hold on to that truth in so many ways.

Sure my house may be a lot messier and the laundry pile may be bigger than normal and I may only be eating french bread and other carbs (because that is all that I can stomach) BUT my kid is happy and I feel like I am putting my energy where it matters!

Plus the moments I have with just me and Millie are becoming fewer and fewer as the days go; so a perfect home, empty laundry basket and calorie counting are the least of my worries! And they should be the least of your worries too, mama!morning sickness with a toddler


Abby is an awesome Mom and an amazing team member of Baja Baby. She lives in Colorado with her husband Alex, her beautiful children Amelia Grace, Amos Lee and Maple the dog. You can find Abby on Instagram by clicking here.

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  • The Vick’s vapor rub is a hack from heaven! Loved this tips! Thanks.

    Vanessa on
  • Thank you so much for this post. I just found out I am pregnant and this morning sickness is driving me crAzy with a active two year old. It made me laugh as well. Xoxo

    Sade on

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