The #1 Secret To A Good Nights Sleep With a Newborn

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Get in a sleepy mood.
Set the scene. 

Get baby into a really chilled space before night time comes around.  Yes - it really is that simple. A peaceful calm bath-time will put any baby in the mood for a sleep. And besides Mom, you'll be ready to sleep by this time of the day too. So why not do everything you can to ensure a home run come night-night time?

Have your shampoo, sponge or wash-cloth ready close-by. Towel should be right next to you, with a change of clothes, new diaper and lotion.


If you have a shower in your bathroom, turn it on and run it hot before bath-time. The idea is to create a steam-room type feel to the bathroom pre bath-time


Have a playlist of soft music playing in the bathroom, so your baby can relax. Dim the lights if you can, or turn the main lights off and use a lamp for softer lighting.


The transition from clothes to bath, bath to new clothes should be quick and comfortable. Have your towel (brownie points to Mom if it’s been pre-heated) at the ready for the moment baby comes out of the bath. Have baby’s change of clothes & diaper (double brownie points if clothes are also warmed!) open and ready to put on.


Bath time shouldn't be rushed. Look forward to this special time of day when you and your baby get to connect and have some alone time together. Lots of smiles and eye contact go a long way in making sure baby is content. And BTW Dad can take over bath-time so that Mom gets the well-earned break she needs. 


“The whole idea of bath-time is to create a daily bonding experience for parents to connect with their little ones,” said Jenni, Baja Baby co-owner and Mom of two who’s simple but quality skincare line for kids is the perfect addition to any parents bathing routine. Our Lavender Scented Shampoo & Body Wash is the perfect addition to this unique spa quality organic skincare line.

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Jenni, who launched her skin-care line in 2014, is just a typical Mom. She is as busy as the next Mom, dealing with a toddler and juggling school activities for her kids while growing her business. She says, "knowing that we are using safe, non-toxic products on them is key," “The biggest mistake that parents make is to not care about what products they choose to use on their kids,” she said. “They choose products because they are cheap, or because their parents used them. The reality is, it's time to be more aware of the cancer-causing ingredients used in skincare product. It’s time to avoid these, now that there are other better, safer options.”

"After my first son Wyatt was born, I always thought I would go back to my job. But I realized that I wanted to stay home and be a Mom. Being the independent person I am, I created a business so I could still have an income but enjoy motherhood at the same time," Jen remembers.

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