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Lavender Baby Lotion
Debra Nateman
It smells so good. It smells so good my hands feel wonderful.

It’s amazing

Good Moisturizer--Don't Like Citrus Scent

I have sensitive skin and so far have not had any problems from this moisturizer. It is not heavy but seems to moisturize well with no greasy feeling. I have to agree with one of the other reviews that the citrus scent does smell like a urinal cake, but as soon as the moisturizer dries it isn't noticeable. I bought the Citrus Conditioner and to me, that smells like an orange creamsicle, in other words, delicious, but the Citrus moisturizer did not smell anything like it. I will buy the moisturizer again but not with citrus scent.

Lavender is amazing

We have been using this lotion for years when I found out my baby has eczema when she was 6months and now she is 3 years old and now have a new baby. We all use the lotion not just the babies.

Unscented Shampoo & Body Wash

Effective, Clean & gentle unscented conditioner, shampoo and lotion

I have been using the Baja Baby trio of unscented products (shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion) for over a year now and I am very happy that I found this brand. I found the brand through the EWG website as I was looking for a EWG verified shampoo and conditioner that was less toxic, unscented (a must for me!), and gluten free. Despite being baby products, all three of these products are effective, gentle and do the job of cleaning my adult hair, conditioning it, and leaving my skin soft and smooth. The shampoo and conditioner used together leave my thick red hair shiny, soft and less dry. And the lotion is excellent for hands, body and feet. It soaks in quickly, no awful smell and leaves the skin hydrated and smooth. I feel good about using these products because I know the ingredients are high quality. Thank you, Baja Baby for making these excellent products!!

Unscented Conditioner
Elizabeth Traiteur

Unscented Conditioner

Great Product

We love how clean this product is! Also, it works great and doesn’t hurt the kiddo’s sensitive skin.

Unscented Conditioner
Jillian Dolin

I finally found a conditioner (and shampoo) for me and my daughter. We have really curly, unruly hair and these products make our hair so soft! I love the safe ingredients and the results!

Pure and Effective

Love this shampoo/wash for my baby fine elder hair. Good for any age.

Lavender Baby Lotion
Erin Swanson

Lavender Baby Lotion

best baby lotion!

Really love the Baja Baby line! It's been extremely gentle on my baby's skin since he was a newborn, I started with the fragrance free and now we are using the lavender with his bed time routine. It makes his skin so soft, no irritation, the lavender scent is just enough and it absorbs quickly. Really love the clean ingredients.

Unscented Baby Shampoo & Baby Hair Conditioner
Viviana Lademan

Unscented Baby Shampoo & Baby Hair Conditioner

love it

I ordered this after finding it on the EWG site. I wanted and needed something clean, gluten free and safe for me. I am EXTREMELY sensitive to scents, and while this says it is unscented, I can pick up on a slight scent that my husband cannot. It is perfect. Smells nice but not strong, just a hint of it. I use this as my conditioner, my leave in conditioner and to shave with. I would definitely recommend.

Simply the Best

There was a day where the thought of putting lotion on my face was laughable. Particularly dry weather last weekend so I applied lotion to my face (wash magical) and actually received a compliment from a stranger on my skin and I’m tattooed from head to toe.

Unscented Baby Lotion
Melissa LaCasse

Unscented Baby Lotion

We love Baja Baby!

My family and I have been using Baja Baby for a few years now and we love it!

Works great. Doesn't smell and gets rid of odor.

Clean & Pure

I appreciate finding a toxin-free lotion with EWG certification that is so pleasant to use & is an effective all-over moisturizer.

Lavender Gift Set
Whitney Deaver

Really made a difference in my child’s skin and hair love these products!

Best Conditioner Ever - Even for Big Babies

I ordered this conditioner because it is EWG verified and I am trying to go cleaner and healthier in my own adult personal grooming product selections. I wasn't expecting much in the way of performance with this conditioner but WOW, it works great. I have fine hair and maybe this product is especially good with that since it is intended for babies. It rinses clean and does not weight my hair down. I would even say it gives it some body and manageability as well as shine. I am beyond delighted!

Baja baby unscented

Love this product...use on my whole family including my pure...ewg approved!

Unscented Baby Shampoo & Baby Hair Conditioner
Michelle de Ron
The best non toxic conditioner... and I have tried many!

We love Baja Baby! Its hard to find a non toxic conditioner that actually works!!! We have tried so many. They also have great customer service!

Organic Baby Lotion Gift Set
Elizabeth Carpenter

Organic Baby Lotion Gift Set

Unscented Baby Shampoo & Baby Hair Conditioner
Best unscented shampoo and conditioner ever!

Our whole family uses the unscented shampoo & conditioner, we all hair different hair types, me (naturally curly), husband straight thick hair, my son a mix. I trust the company, the owner is incredibly, they respond promptly and it’s a great product. I don’t hesitate to recommend to everyone.

Lavender Conditioner
Pamela Hicks
Truly Wonderful Product

I searched high and low for a conditioner with the safest products that I could find. The bonus is that it is wonderful for my hair too.